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The American Lung Association of Virginia chose Applegate cellulose insulation for its 12,000 square foot Breathe Easy office complex because it helps them realize their primary goal of minimizing indoor air pollutants. The offices will house the ALA headquarters, training facilities, and a statewide lung resources center.

The Breathe Easy office was designed using the latest technologies to combat indoor air pollution. The boards, sheathing, insulation, nails, glues, paints, and varnishes were scrutinized for their impact on air quality. Once completed, the carpeting, floor coverings, upholstery, furniture, and cleaning products received similar examination.1

Many common building materials release and/or contain fairly dangerous substances. For example, particle board emits formaldehyde. Carpeting outgasses volatile organic compounds. Fiberglass insulation is a listed potential carcinogen2 and contains respirable glass fibers and formaldehyde.

The Breathe Easy office is being built by Dick Collier of R.E. Collier, Inc. in consultation with Chuck Bowles of The Energy Consortium. Collier and Bowles were part of the team that built the “Come Home to Health” house in 1996 (also insulated with cellulose). That home won the National Association of Home Builders Energy Value Award.

“The air in the workplace and in our homes is unlike anything that has existed throughout history. We really do not know all the ramifications of how it affects us in the long term,” explains Chuck Bowles of The Energy Consortium, an energy efficiency and air quality expert. “By selecting healthy building components – like Applegate Cellulose Insulation – we are enhancing indoor air quality and significantly improving the workplace quality of
life. This is an increasingly important feature in office buildings and homes.”

Donna Reynolds of the American Lung Association says that “Poor indoor air quality affects millions of workers? health, decreases productivity, and increases the amount of sick leave. The Breathe Easy office shows how commercial office buildings can be constructed to create a healthier working environment at a cost that is about the same as typical office buildings.”

Bowles explains that “the environment of our home and workplace is a closed environment – like a terrarium. Our health is affected through the interaction of pollutants, biological molds and mildews, pesticides, gases, metals, minerals, radiation and vapors.” Chuck has taken the healthy home concept to entire neighborhoods and has received several national awards for indoor air quality and energy efficiency.3

For more information about healthy building products, the Breathe Easy Office building, the American Lung Association, or for additional copies of this article, please call: 800-627-7536 or contact us.

1 American Lung Association of Virginia, “Breathe Easy Office Background”.
2 Natural Resources Defense Council, “Keeping Warm and Staying Healthy”.
3 Allen, Deborah Rider. May 23, 1999; “Something (not) in the air”; Richmond Times- Dispatch. …

The Comprehensive Guide to Cellulose Insulation Services in New York

Understanding Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation, a popular choice for environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses, is derived from recycled paper materials. This eco-friendly solution not only provides excellent thermal performance but also contributes to reducing your property’s carbon footprint.

1. Composition of Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation comprises primarily recycled paper obtained from various sources such as newspapers, cardboard, or other paper materials. These recycled papers undergo a meticulous process involving shredding and grinding to break them down into fibrous particles. Additionally, fire-retardant chemicals are added during manufacturing, resulting in densely packed fibers that are optimal for insulation purposes. The treatment process ensures that the cellulose fibers are uniform and effectively interlocked, providing excellent insulation properties.

2. Thermal Performance

The hallmark of cellulose insulation lies in its outstanding thermal performance. When installed by professionals like JC Home Care, cellulose insulation forms a dense barrier within walls, ceilings, or floors, significantly slowing down the transfer of heat between indoor and outdoor environments. By regulating indoor temperatures effectively, it helps maintain comfortable interiors throughout the year. This thermal regulation minimizes the need for excessive heating or cooling, ultimately reducing energy consumption and associated utility costs.

3. Environmental Sustainability

Cellulose insulation shines in its eco-friendliness, embodying a sustainable approach to insulation. By utilizing recycled paper as its primary material, cellulose insulation contributes significantly to reducing the demand for virgin resources. This environmentally conscious choice plays a vital role in waste reduction by repurposing materials that would otherwise contribute to landfills. Choosing cellulose insulation aligns with sustainability goals, promoting a circular economy by giving new life to recycled materials.

4. Soundproofing Capabilities

Beyond its insulation properties, cellulose insulation excels in soundproofing. The densely packed fibers effectively absorb and disrupt sound waves, reducing noise transmission within the space. This makes cellulose insulation an excellent choice for homeowners or businesses seeking to create quieter and more peaceful indoor environments. Whether in residential or commercial settings, cellulose insulation helps mitigate noise pollution, enhancing comfort and tranquility.

5. Fire Resistance and Safety

Addressing concerns associated with paper-based insulation materials, cellulose insulation undergoes treatment with fire-retardant additives during its manufacturing process. This treatment significantly enhances its fire resistance properties, making it a safe and reliable choice for insulation. Cellulose insulation meets stringent safety standards and is designed to inhibit the spread of fire, providing an added layer of protection for properties where it is installed.

At JC Home Care, our cellulose insulation services are designed to offer an unparalleled combination of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Why JC Home Care for Cellulose Insulation?

Our commitment to superior service sets us apart:

1. Superior Insulation

Cellulose insulation, composed of densely packed fibers, creates a thermal barrier that effectively regulates indoor temperatures. By choosing JC Home Care, you ensure maximum comfort and reduced energy consumption throughout the year.

2. Eco-Friendly Approach

We understand the importance of minimizing environmental impact. Our cellulose insulation services utilize recycled materials, making it an environmentally responsible choice without compromising performance.

Cellulose Insulation Services Across New York Boroughs

JC Home Care extends its top-tier cellulose insulation services to all New York boroughs:


From high-rise apartments to historic brownstones, our cellulose insulation solutions in Manhattan focus on optimizing energy efficiency while preserving architectural integrity.


Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods benefit from our cellulose insulation services, ensuring optimal comfort and sustainability for both residential and commercial properties.


In Queens, our cellulose insulation services cater to a wide range of housing styles, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize energy savings and environmental responsibility.

The Bronx

Embracing the Bronx’s unique structures, our cellulose insulation services aim to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability, addressing the specific needs of the borough’s varied properties.

Staten Island

Across Staten Island’s picturesque landscapes, our cellulose insulation solutions are tailored to maintain comfort and reduce energy costs in diverse property types.

When it comes to insulating your property in any of the New York boroughs, count on JC Home Care’s cellulose insulation services for an optimal blend of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today and experience the difference that superior insulation can make.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cellulose Insulation

1. What is Cellulose Insulation?

Cellulose insulation is a type of insulation material made from recycled paper treated with fire-retardant additives. It is known for its excellent thermal performance, eco-friendliness, and sound-dampening properties, making it an ideal choice for insulating homes and commercial spaces.

2. How does Cellulose Insulation Benefit My Property?

Cellulose insulation effectively regulates indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption and utility bills. Additionally, it contributes to soundproofing, creating a quieter environment, and is environmentally friendly due to its recycled content.

3. Is Cellulose Insulation Safe?

Yes, cellulose insulation is safe for residential and commercial use. Treated with fire-retardant additives, it offers high fire resistance. Moreover, it’s non-toxic and poses no health risks when installed by professionals like JC Home Care.

4. How does JC Home Care Ensure Quality in Cellulose Insulation Services?

At JC Home Care, we prioritize quality by using premium-grade cellulose insulation materials and employing experienced professionals for installation. Our meticulous approach ensures optimal insulation performance for your property.

5. Can Cellulose Insulation be Installed in Older Properties?

Absolutely! Cellulose insulation is suitable for both new construction and retrofitting older properties. Its flexibility allows for installation in various structural designs, making it an excellent choice for enhancing energy efficiency in older buildings.

6. How Do I Determine if Cellulose Insulation is Right for My Property?

Choosing the right insulation depends on several factors such as the property’s structure, climate, and insulation needs. JC Home Care offers consultations to assess your property and recommend the most suitable insulation solution tailored to your requirements and budget.

Insulation Services Tailored to Your Needs

1. Residential Insulation

Ensure your home is up to code with our comprehensive residential insulation services.

2. Commercial Insulation

Elevate your commercial space with insulation solutions designed for offices, warehouses, retail centers, hotels, and more.

3. Insulation Installation

Experience top-tier insulation installation for new home construction, ensuring your property meets the highest standards.

4. Insulation Removal

Safeguard your health and home by entrusting us with professional insulation removal services.


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